I am a keen amateur photographer living in Hampshire, England’s south coast This site is not just another personal site that has been thrown together in order to show you pictures of my pets, car or family holidays. To be honest I am a relatively private person that tends to shy away from the working end of a camera. I am interested in all aspects of photography, Photoshop® and a little bit of web design.

My interest first began many years ago when my Dad gave me a Fujica® STX-1, which I still use on occasion as it makes you appreciate the benefit of the digital age. However, Due to work commitments etc... I never really persued it and it was only when I completed studying evening classes at college that Heidi 'The Missus' suggested that made more time for it and took it up as a hobby.

I went out and purchased a Canon EOS 400D complete with 18-55mm & 50-200mm lens kit. I bought myself some books, downloaded some tutorials and I was off.

After more books, more tutorials and even attending a workshop, eventually I started to improve, a little! I upgraded to a 5D and also started to ask people how to improve things, I came to the conclusion that ‘advice’ was the best form of tuition, I decided to put a website together not to show case my work but to put it up for criticism, the constructive kind I hope - and that is what I aim to achieve, a site with opportunity for people to comment and to discuss current projects whether it be a photographic technique that I am trying out, a Photoshop® effect that I am attempting to master or indeed a web design conundrum. The point of it is, I am no expert, I am just a guy trying to improve on what little I already know and doing something I enjoy.